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Selasa, 19 Mei 2009

FLASH Disk for Adding RAM

The discussion we are accelerating the performance of computers, especially windows. We often use the computer, because we open Microsoft Word, and excel, power point, Access, AdobePhotoshop may be added again, and CorelDraw. Then we want to Winamp to listen to the music. And suddenly we hang the computer, died .
Random Access Memory (RAM) is used to hold data temporarily in the computer, the more we open the application, the more RAM is also used. There are ways of adding RAM is to use the flash (data storage), with additional software (application) eBooster.exe, we can add RAM without having to buy new RAM.

Why is this happening?

Because the capacity of RAM is exhausted. RAM (Random Access Memory) commonly used for temporary data menyimpand in the computer. This means that while the data we can only see in the computer, but not stored in the storage media such as hard drives, flash, and other storage media, and if the computer suddenly died then the data is not be displayed again.

Adding RAM

The greater capacity of the RAM we use in our computer, it will be more and more applications that we can open. To add RAM, can we just buy new RAM and add it to our computer in the slot.

However, the discussion this time, we do not need to buy extravagant berboros-RAM, we use the software eBoostert.exe, so adding RAM does not need to buy new RAM but will take advantage of flash, which we use for regular data storage.

The greater capacity Flashdisk that we use, the larger the additional RAM that we get. But also more and more applications that we can open the computer with us. With a flash RAM, then we have 2 benefits:

1. Performance computer faster
2. We have a flash media storage

During the try ... Hopefully materials useful ...

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